Burlesque and Cabaret Workshop with Pi the Mime

Ever been curious about the cabaret? Does the idea of burlesque entice you? Ever seen a tease that has left you thinking ‘I wish that were me up there’!?

Welcome to the Finger in the Pie Cabaret and Burlesque course with tutor Pi the Mime. Combining various performance styles in a cabaret structure, the course lets you explore your cabaret fantasies and don your tassels. Then, upon course completion, take to the spotlight in a London showcase at a recognised and celebrated Cabaret venue and event.

Pi the Mime is the winner of a 2015 Inspiring People in Cabaret Award: “He inspires his students to see beyond the strip and realise a wonderful array of personas. His showcase last year was full of potential future stars who largely eschewed the standard gown-and-glove shtick for nuanced and intelligent characterisations.”

Pi the Mime approaches the art of Burlesque and the Cabaret world from a theatre and physical performance perspective. The course embraces and incorporates many artistic disciplines, exploring the combination of movement, voice and character. Create your own persona, your own sketch and, with guidance and mentoring, learn to work with burlesque as a means of enhancing your performance.

Learning outcomes: 

  • An understanding of various forms of burlesque and the Cabaret circuit
  • To be comfortable with performing in this style, and have discovered an individual way of working with this manner of performance
  • How to combine other skills with burlesque and Cabaret
  • To create and develop a cabaret sketch and persona
  • To perform this act at a London Cabaret venue, and from this begin to form contacts and a presence in the circuit

Why this Burlesque/Cabaret course?

As opposed to being taught a fixed choreography or imitating an existing routine, this course draws inspiration from many sources. It looks at ways in which you can create cabaret and communicate with an audience through this art form. The course will provide you with the tools and skills you as an individual need in the cabaret world.

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  1. Admin says

    Hi Rae, the next set of workshops kicks off on April 18th and runs for eight weeks – with a 2hr workshop every Saturday, followed by a showcase performance at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern – the cost is £360 full (£220 Equity / Student) Click HERE for more information

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